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Welcome to the Horseshoe Farm web site

Welcome from all at Horseshoe Farm

Horseshoe Farm is a 27 acre smallholding  located in West Suffolk. It has been owned and operated its Karen and Susan Preston since January 2004. Our two dogs Ludo and Breeze live with us along with our four Horses Jimmy, Daly, Rio, and young horse Sammy Rolo who is growing up fast. We have three paddocks for the horses which are enclosed by post and rail fencing. Facilities include a stable block fixed field shelter, mobile field shelter and 60M x 30M sand and rubber menage for the horses. The rest of the land (large field out the back) has been planted for hay production.  We produce our own hay using agricultural machinery that we have purchased or acquired over time. Tractors and large machinery are essential to maintain the land as there is a lot of hard work required to keep the place running.  The paddocks require quite a bit of attention in the form of cutting, spring tine harrowing, rolling, spraying for hardy and poisonous weeds and fertilizing, to keep them in good order for the horses. These activities go on throughout the year although they are more intense in the spring and Autumn.  Please use the navigation buttons on the left to look around the site.

Autumn season 2016 at Horseshoe Farm 

It has been another challenging year for all of us at the farm. Sammy Rolo has gone to school to learn his trade.. Edwin was sadly put to sleep in on March 24th following a number of growing issues (see his web page for more information). A new horse Jimmy that came to stay with us in November has settled in well. We have been to the beech with him and taken him out onto the XC courses to do training with him (the first Sue has been on a XC course for 14 years. Ludo is showing signs of old age and is quite stiff but still getting about and enjoying life. Daly is back in retirement following diagnoses of serious heart problems, which mean he can no longer be ridden. He was very poorly a couple of months back and we suspected we may lose him. We are rounding up activities around the farm and preparing for winter. The fields have been sprayed and most of the plant cleaned and put away. We cannot belive how quick the year appears to have gone


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